May 13, 2002
Winner to be announced in international park design competition

The next phase in the development of Downsview Park as one of Canada's first national urban parks will come to fruition with the announcement of the winner of the Downsview Park International Design Competition.

     At press time, the winner was not yet announced, but will be officially recognized in a ceremony on May 26 at the Downsview Park, Project Office - Exhibit Area, 35 Carl Hall Dr. in Toronto.

     Attending the ceremony will be the Honourable David Collenette, the Honourable Art Eggleton and the Board of Directors of Park Downsview Park Inc. to recognize the winning design team and their concept. All entries will be displayed at the ceremony.

     The goal of this initiative is to turn Downsview Park into a unique urban recreational green space for people of Canada and the Greater Toronto Area. The design competition drew upon the best talents in the world to create an urban park that sets the 21st-century standard for excellence in landscape architecture and urban recreational planning for future generations.