May 23, 2002
'Tree City' wins Downsview design competition

Parc Downsview Park Inc. announced recently that a multidisciplinary team of leading design companies has come together to win the prestigious international design competition for Downsview Park. This group includes the world-famous Office for Metropolitan Architecture, headed by Rem Koolhaas and Toronto's own Bruce Mau Design Inc.

     Launched in July 1999, this is the first international design competition to be held in the City of Toronto since 1958. The objective of the Downsview Park competition was to create an urban park that sets a new standard for excellence in landscape architectural design and urban recreational planning and provides a place for all people of all ages to enjoy. Located on the 644-acre former Canadian military base, Downsview Park is the Government of Canada's first urban park.

     Implementation of the winning design, called "Tree City," is expected to begin in the spring of 2001, with restorative site and soil preparation. Ultimately, Tree City will create a matrix, of which trees will shape approximately 25 per cent. Meadows, water features, playing fields and gardens will make up the remainder of the park.

     The budget for this 15-year project is set at $140 million, with an estimated $40 million to be spent in the first five-year development phase.