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Given the onslaught of new technology and the consistent launching of new web sites that promise to deliver the latest information instantaneously, many may think that the printed word will go by the wayside Publications, such as newspapers and magazines, it is predicted, will sit idly on bookshelves and coffee tables and in mail slots, and will eventually cease to exist These predictions cannot be farther from the truth.

     Yes, web sites do contain valid and interesting information on a wide variety of topics, and from an even larger number of sources. They feed our craving for fast, free information. Magazines, on the other hand, provide facts, ideas and suggestions on topics of interest to a very specific market - be it the landscape or floral industries or a certain lifestyle, and do it in such a compact, all-encompassing manner Not to mention, in such a fast-paced environment in which we work and live, publications give us a little reprieve from the fast track.

     Landscape Trades refuses to enter the Internet versus magazine debate and instead gives you the best of both worlds. the printed edition of the 2002 Landscape Trades' Source Book and its online version ( Both versions include new product categories for 2002. garden centre giftware, snowplow equipment and publications, among others.

     No matter where you look - on your bookshelf or on your computer, both offer the most comprehensive guide to who sells what in the horticulture industry. Happy searching!