August 1, 2017

Compact snow plow

The new Defender snow plow from Western comes standard with a high-carbon steel cutting edge that reduces wear and extends the life of the blade. It utilizes six vertical ribs to provide structural reinforcement and torsional strength.


Salting system

Boss Snowplow introduces a unique skid steer-based salting system; the QuickCube utilizes weather-proof, poly cubes (hoppers) that can be filled with solid deicing materials and staged at job sites in advance of wintry weather. Filled cubes replace the need for remote salt piles, tarps and temporary salt shelters. Cubes can be stacked and are neutrally coloured to blend in with existing landscaping. Material is fed to the spinner disc via gravity and the auger for reliability and ease of operation.
Boss Snowplow



The new Storm Seeker halogen headlamps from SnowEx offer significant durability and illumination improvements for users of SnowEx truck plows. Storm Seeker headlamps are designed to deter water ingression. The reflector-to-housing seal features a built-in vent that allows moisture to exist, but not enter. In addition to fighting water ingression, an improved lens seal uses dual adhesive bead channels to ensure secure attachment of the lens.


Pusher for compact wheel loaders

New for 2017, Pro-Tech has launched a rubber-edge snow pusher specifically designed for compact wheel loaders. The Compact Wheel Loader Sno Pusher features a reinforced quick coupler that uses a unique compact wheel loader chassis, built with the strength to be used with more powerful equipment.  This new Sno Pusher will be available in 8-, 10-, and 12-inch sizes to meet a wide variety of property sizes and compact wheel loader types.
Pro Tech


Rotary broom

The Fisher RB-400 walk-behind rotary broom helps get walkways cleaner by scraping and sweeping snow all the way down to the surface. It’s also perfect for areas that are tight to buildings, curbs or edging.


Snow plow

The new VersaTach Plow from Daniels Plows utilizes the hydraulics from your machine’s third valve. By connecting the third valve lines to the VersaTach, the hydraulic manifold allows the three-in-one plow to angle left and right 35 degrees and pivot the wings to the degree needed.
Daniels Plows


Hopper spreader

Equipped with updated controls and enhanced material spreading features, the new SnowEx V-Maxx G2 hopper spreaders offer greater performance and operating efficiency for contractors and municipalities on large ice control applications. A new dual variable-speed control is more compact than previous models. This digital, self-diagnosing unit allows independent adjustment of spinner and auger speeds, while convenient buttons offer easy control of the standard vibrator and optional accessories.



Available for winter 2017, the Boss Forge is one of the few stainless steel spreader models in its class to offer both pintle feed and auger chain systems with the same hopper and a planetary gearbox designed to deliver high-efficiency performance across a wide range of ice control material.
Boss Snowplow


Snow thrower

Ariens introduces the RapidTrak Sno-Thro, which combines the features of the Sno-Thro series with the all-new RapidTrak system. RapidTrak is designed to move fast, matching the speed of a non-track Sno-Thro model. The track design gives users the option of using a full track system for traction or to adjust to a setting that is similar to a wheel setting. In the wheel setting, it is easy to turn the RapidTrak machine at the end of a driveway or around obstacles.