October 1, 2018

New woody plants 2019

Hydrangea paniculata Moonrock

Panicle hydrangea

Creamy blooms emerge with an intense lime-green centre that are both funky and elegant in this Bloomin’ Easy selection. Grows four to six feet tall and wide with sturdy red stems. Hardiness zone 3.
Van Belle Nursery





Hydrangea paniculata Berry White

Panicle hydrangea

Berry White’s flowers emerge white fading to pink, then deepening in the fall to red. This hydrangea has upright growth, with full branching. Hardiness zone 3.
Sheridan Nurseries




Prunus triloba var. Simplex Pink Frosting ‘ByBoughen’

Flowering almond

Pink Frosting produces an explosion of showy, single pink flowers that completely covers the plant in early spring. The flower buds are ultra cold hardy and appear in full bloom to the tips of the branches during the coldest winters. Pink Frosting is an excellent choice for an informal hedge, mass planting and accent shrub due to its robust spring display. Mature height is three metres with a spread of two metres. Hardiness zone 2b.
Bylands Nurseries




Potentilla fruticosa Bella Bellissima


An abundance of rich pink blooms from top to bottom of the tidy, compact form from the Bloomin’ Easy portfolio. Two to three feet tall and wide. Hardiness zone 2.
Van Belle Nursery




Hydrangea macrophylla Summer Crush

Bigleaf hydrangea

Summer Crush brings a profusion of rich raspberry red or neon purple blooms all summer long. The hydrangea has dark green, glossy leaves, resists wilting in summer heat, and fits smaller garden spaces or containers. Grows to 18-36 inches tall and wide. Hardiness zone 4.
Bailey Nurseries, Sheridan Nurseries




Hydrangea paniculata Magical Candle

Panicle hydrangea

Immense, porcelain-white flower heads appear backlit as if to create a surreal glow of soft, yellow flowers above tall, erect stems. A robust grower, the dense, lacy panicles of this selection are among the most beautiful in its class. Growing four to five feet tall and wide, Magical Candle makes a great hedge or foundation plant. Hardiness zone 3.
Plants Nouveau




Magnolia x Genie


Black-red buds open to small tulip-shaped blooms of deep rich, maroon-purple with tips that fade to a lighter magenta-rose. Genie grows to a height of three to four metres and a spread of two metres. Exposure is full sun to part shade. Hardiness zone 5.
Hillen Nursery




Weigela x Electric Love


Loaded with electric red flowers against dark foliage, Bloomin’ Easy Electric Love is the first weigela of its kind. Grows two feet tall and three to four feet wide. Hardiness zone 4.
Van Belle Nursery




Physocarpus opulifolius Little Joker


Slow growing, compact shrub with green-purple foliage, and maroon stems supporting white pink flowers. Hardiness zone 3b.
Sheridan Nurseries




Potentilla fruticosa
Happy Face Hearts

Shrubby cinquefoil

A unique display of sweet pink flowers accentuated with a white star in the centre of each bloom. A healthy, dense plant that holds its flower colour well. Blooms from spring to fall. Hardiness zone 2.  
Sheridan Nurseries




Ulmus x Night Rider ‘Durby’

Japanese Elm

Night Rider is a hybrid between Japanese elm and Siberian elm that has rapid growth, upright, rounded crown form and is highly-resistant to Dutch elm disease. It exhibits good cold hardiness and foliage turns purple in the fall. This tree is adaptable to a wide variety of soils. Night Rider is an excellent street tree since it is very tolerant to the urban environment. Mature height is 12 metres with a spread of 10 metres. Hardiness zone 3.
Bylands Nurseries




Prunus laurocerasus Titan

English laurel

The foliage is handsome with bronze new shoots that keep their colour for a long period. White flowers appear in spring. It has a broad, upright and bushy growth habit, and grows to a height of 1.25 metres and a spread of 1 metre. Exposure is full sun to part shade. Hardiness zone 5.
Hillen Nursery




Physocarpus opulifolius Fireside


This new ninebark has stunning foliage. A First Edition’s selection, Fireside’s reddish new growth matures to deep red-purple foliage that holds its colour reliably all summer. Pinkish-white flowers bloom in spring and foliage turns deep purple in fall. This plant has a rounded, upright shape. Hardiness zone 3.
Bailey Nurseries