June 1, 2017

Vehicle battery charger

The new vehicle charger from Milwaukee plugs into 12 volt outlets and accepts all M18 and M12 battery packs, charging them sequentially. With Milwaukee Redlink Intelligence, the charger communicates directly with M18 and M12 battery packs to monitor cell voltage, temperature, and charge status to optimize the performance and overall life of the packs.


Excavator-mount potter

The new excavator-mount potter from Dutchmaster makes digging for small plants in narrow rows easier. The new potters can be built with either two or three blades, and on 12-, 15-, or 25-degree angles to properly fit the pot or basket of choice. They use minimal ground space when working and offer excellent visibility, as the operator can look under the spade instead of overtop. The high frame potter can dig in areas as tight as two- by two-ft. centres, and can be outfitted with electronic controls.


Excavator line

Bobcat has launched the new R-Series line of excavators. The first to launch will include the Bobcat E32 and E35 in the three to four-ton size class. Additional R-Series excavators from Bobcat will be introduced at a later date.


Hopper spreader

The new Poly-Caster UTV hopper spreader by Fisher combines the features of larger spreader models with a lightweight design specifically tailored for utility vehicles. Features include a multi-angled hopper that prevents bridging and clogging and provides maximum flow; a quick-connect spinner assembly offering easy access to the vehicle’s hitch; a traverse auger delivery system that automatically backs itself in and out; and dual variable-speed control that allows independent control of auger and spinner motors to precisely match flow and spread pattern to conditions.


Walk-behind broom and liquid sprayer

Western Products has added a new RB-400 rotary broom and SS-120 liquid sprayer to complete its line of commercial-quality walk-behind products. The new RB-400 walk-behind rotary broom is a combination sweeper and plow blade that cleans pavement along buildings, curbs and sidewalks. The plow helps remove heavy snow, while the centrally driven broom delivers a clean finish.
Western Products


Snow pusher for sports turf

Pro-Tech recently introduced its Turf Pusher, a snow pusher designed for turf sports fields. The line now comes with a standard pin-on coupler, making it easy to swap out different coupler plates to adapt to the required prime mover. 


Pump mud guard

MudGuard, a new slip-on filter for Gulp UltraMax Plus Pumps, is now available from Underhill. MudGuard minimizes clogging and facilitates dirty water clean-outs from valve boxes, sprinkler leaks or other water-soaked areas on turf and landscape. MudGuard easily attaches to the Gulp UltraMax Plus and prevents the pump from burrowing into mud and debris.


Landscape design software

Drafix Software has announced the release of PRO Landscape Version 23, which gives users all the tools necessary to create the highest quality photo imaging designs, accurate site plans in any size or scale, and complete, professional proposals. The new version contains an additional 3,000 high quality images of both plants and non-plants, pushing the overall image total to over 17,000 items.
Drafix Software


All-purpose hose

Underhill’s new multi-purpose, heavy-duty UltraMax Blue hose offers an array of features, including 1200 PSI burst pressure strength; long-life TPE material construction; machined brass couplings; easy-to-grip smooth finish; flexible handling; and abrasion resistance.


Compact plow

Western Products introduces the new Defender compact snowplow, designed specifically to fit mid-size pickups and SUVs. The plow features a high-strength, low-weight, alloy-steel blade, which is stronger and lighter than conventional steel. Six vertical ribs reinforce the blade, providing torsional strength and eliminating blade twisting. A full-trip moldboard helps protect the plow and truck when encountering hidden obstacles.
Western Products


Light-weight shirt

Milwaukee Tool’s new Workskin Light Weight Performance Shirts, available in both long- and short-sleeve, utilize CoolCore Fabric Technology, which regulates sweat evaporation to move moisture away from the body and provide a cooling effect – allowing the lightweight fabric to stay up to 30 per cent cooler and reduce the body temperature of the wearer.