February 1, 2019
mini excavator working on as slope

Mini hydraulic excavators

The Caterpillar range of Next Generation mini hydraulic excavators has been expanded with the addition of six new models in the 7- to 10-ton category. The new model lineup includes the 307.5, a standard tailswing model with a fixed boom; 308 CR, a compact radius model with a swing boom; 308 CR VAB, featuring a variable angle (two-piece) swing boom; 309 CR, a new model in the mini range featuring a compact radius, swing boom, and high flow auxiliary hydraulics; 309 CR VAB, which expands the 309 CR’s capability with a variable angle boom; and 310, also new to the range, featuring a fixed boom, standard tailswing, and twin blade cylinders.



hammer with a slot in the head holding a nail

Smooth and milled hammers

The new 19-oz. Hickory Hammer from Milwaukee Tool is available in both smooth face and milled face. The new hammers are constructed with shock-absorbing American hickory and engineered with precision balance. For ease-of-use, the magnetic nail set allows users to set and drive a nail with one hand.

Milwaukee Tool

woman using a riding mower to cut grass

Zero-turn riding mower

Exmark is expanding its Radius line of zero-turn riding mowers to include a new 44-inch Radius E-Series model. The new compact model features the integrated Hydro-Gear transmissions that deliver forward speeds of up to 7 mph. Features of the Exmark engine include a dual-barrel carburetor, cast iron cylinder liners and a quick-drain oil hose for tool-free oil changes.



skid steer in the forest sing an attachment

Mulching head

John Deere adds the MH60D mulching head to its Worksite Pro lineup. Designed to remove eight-inch trees and 12-inch stumps, the MH60D model shreds underbrush and woody materials into mulch. The mulching head is optimized to work with John Deere skid steer loaders and compact track loaders, as well as most competitive models.

John Deere


mini excavator working beside a house

One- to two-ton mini hydraulic excavators

Cat adds four new models to its one- to two-ton mini hydraulic excavator line. The new model range includes: 301.5 (1.5-ton class, standard tail swing, with canopy); 301.7 CR (1.7-ton class, compact radius, with canopy); 301.8 (1.8-ton class, standard tail swing, with either canopy or cab); and 302 CR (2.0-ton class, compact radius, with either canopy or cab).




stationary stand on mower

Stand-on zero-turn mower

Exmark introduces the 2019 Staris stand-on zero-turn mower. The new mower is optimized for a low centre of gravity with engine placement, operator position, fuel tanks and tower structure, all designed to enhance weight distribution for improved stability and overall performance.