September 3, 2019
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Half-ton truck snow plows

Buyers Products announces a new generation of SnowDogg snow plows designed for half-ton trucks. The new plows feature full-power hydraulic blade angling and robust Grade 50 steel frames. Features including the Floating A-frame, municipal-style chain lift and standard 304 stainless steel blades have been carried over from SnowDogg’s EXII, HDII and VXFII lines.

Buyers Products


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Hydraulic down-force snow plow

The DXT dual-trip plow from Boss Snowplow is now available with D-Force. D-Force maintains consistent hydraulic down force to enhance back dragging

Boss Snowplow


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Steel edge pusher plow

New from Western, the Pile Driver steel edge pusher plow features a 10-gauge moldboard and a 63-degree attack angle. Available in eight- or 10-ft. options, the pusher measures 32.5 in. tall, and is finished with a high-gloss, industrial paint that is salt- and UV-resistant to protect against corrosion.




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Automatically adjustable plow

Meyer’s new commercial-grade Super Blade expands from eight to 10.5 ft. with the press of a button, and the flared wings extend as a pair or independently. Features include Nite Saber LED lights and Hands-Free Plowing.




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Snowblower attachment

Pronovost's new Cyclone 80-in. snowblower model for use with loaders or utility vehicles will be available from stock for next season. With the hydraulic wing option, the 80-in. unit opens up to 102 inches. A stationary wing option will also be available.

Machineries Pronovost


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Steel edge pusher plow

The new eight- and 10-ft. Storm Boxx steel edge pusher plows from Fisher come equipped with 10-gauge steel moldboards and corrosion resistant, high-gloss paint. The pusher plows measure 32 ½ ins. tall, and feature a 63-degree angle of attack.




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Four-foot hydraulic snowplow

The new Boss Snowrator is a four-ft. hydraulic snowplow with a 20-in. polyethylene skin and a 20-gal. Anti-icing Brine System, designed to clear tight walkways and paths.

Boss Snowplow



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LED headlamp

The new Western Nighthawk LED headlamps feature an ultra-bright, ultra-wide LED light pattern and an intuitive heating system, which senses the temperature on the lens and automatically turns heating elements on when necessary.





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The new Fisher XV2 V-plow features extreme flared wings that soar from a 35-in. centre height up to 45 inches at the outer edge on 10-ft.,6-in. models. The XV2 is available in corrosion-resistant stainless steel in 7-ft.,6-in., 8-ft., 6-in., 9-ft.,6-in. and 10-ft.,6-in. widths, and in powder coated steel in 8-ft.,6-in., 9-ft.,6-in and 10-ft.,6-in. widths.