May 9, 2002
New product registrations from Aventis Life Sciences Division

After the recent merger between AgrEvo and Rhone-Poulenc and the creation of the new life sciences company Aventis Life Sciences comes a new announcement about the development of Aventis' new Environmental Sciences Division.

     The Chipco Professional Products division would be dedicated to developing and introducing products for the professional turf and pest management industry, and would combine several well-known products with new registrations and future development of potential products. The current product line includes: Chipco Sevin®XLR Plus broad-spectrum insecticide, Acclaim® Super post-emergent crabgrass herbicide, Rovral® Green broad-spectrum fungicide, Chipco Rovral® WP for ornamentals, Ronstar® 2G herbicide for ornamentals and the new Chipco Aliette® fungicide for turfgrass and ornamentals.

     Registered this year, Chipco Aliette® fungicide treats summer pythium on turfgrass and phytophthora on greenhouse ornamentals and bedding plants. Chipco Sevin XLR Plus has been expanded to include control of Leatherjackets and White Grubs.