New plants, testing opportunities from Pride of Place

Pride of Place Plants is very excited to announce that it will promote and market a number of new plant cultivars and offer opportunities for growers to test a new Gaura lindheimeri cultivar. Pride of Place Plants will market and promote two new Erysimum (perennial wallflowers) from Ted and Rhoda Morgan of Pineland Perennials in Tokoroa, New Zealand.

     Erysimum 'Dawn Breaker', discovered in 1992 as an offspring of Erysimum 'Moonlight' is a very hardy and compact cultivar with a long flowering period (April to September). 'Dawn Breaker' has very highly scented yellow/orange flowers, and when pruned, will flush back into colour. The second introduction, Erysimum 'Starbright' was discovered as a sport on a plant of Erysimum 'Dawn Breaker' in 1995, and has the same habits as its predecessor, although the flower is one inch larger and the flower colour is a pure yellow.

     A new and exciting Ceanothus griseus 'Silver Surprise' will be promoted and marketed by Primeur Plant b.v. of Boskoop, Holland.

     This striking variety has beautiful creamy white variegated leaves and originated as a sport of Ceanothus griseus 'Yankee Point'. While 'Silver Surprise' maintains a similar growth habit to its parent, it is slightly more compact and will eventually mature as a large, spreading broadleafed evergreen (4 ft. width, 5 ft. height). Hardy to USDA zone 7 and with two to three-inch leaves (dark green with irregular spotted creamy white variegation), 'Silver Surprise' can be very useful as a contrast plant in the perennial border, planted in groups or used in pots and tubs. Liners or unrooted cuttings of 'Silver Surprise' are currently available from Primeur Plant b.v. Holland.

     Pride of Place Plants Inc. and Howard Bently of Plant Growers Australia (Victoria, Australia) are also in search of growers to participate in the testing phase of Gaura lindheimeri "Blushing Butterflies"TM, the third in the Bently's Butterflies series.

     An offspring of Gaura 'Siskiyou Pink', this cultivar is more compact than its parent and produces masses of soft pink flowers. Photos will be available in the near future, and trial plants (minimum 100 units) will be available for testing in mid to late spring.

     For more information on this agreement or you wish to promote a new plant cultivar, please contact Pride of Place Plants Inc.,TM at (250) 656-7963, or visit their web sites at and