May 8, 2002
New Dutch Elm Disease control now available in Canada

A new fungicide used for preventative and curative prevention and treatment of Dutch Elm Disease is now available for use in Canada.

     Registered by Engage Agro, Alamo is a systemic fungicide that prevents and stops Dutch Elm Disease by working within the vascular system of elm trees where Dutch Elm Disease infection can occur. Alamo has been particularly effective in the United States, says Ray Chyc, president of Engage Agro, as the active ingredient in Alamo provides both preventative and curative activity.

     It is also effective because of its application system. Using a unique new vacuum pressurized micro-injection system and the diameter breast height of target trees, Alamo is injected into flare roots by using one micro-injection unit per inch of DBH. There are no pumps, hoses and mess to deal with, says Mr. Chyc, and Alamo can be applied without fear of overloading the vascular system of elm trees.

     For more information, contact Engage Agro at (519) 826-7878 or visit