May 9, 2002
New developments for Pride of Place Plants

An agreement between Pride of Place Plants Inc.,TM (Sidney, B.C.), Novitas Plantae (Boskoop, the Netherlands) and Bloem Bollenbureau Cebeco (Lisse, the Netherlands) will see the dividing of sales, promotion, purchase and administration duties concerning the introduction, promotion and sales of new plant cultivars to the world market.

     Effective January 1, Bloem Bollenbureau Cebeco will handle the sales administration, promotion policy, purchase and sales for the European market, while Novitas Plantae will focus on enlarging the assortment of new plant products and activities for European Plant Breeders Rights. Pride of Place Plants Inc. will continue to market and promote new plant products in North America and access new North American cultivars for promotion by this group on a worldwide basis.

     With this agreement, all three organizations will keep their independence while continuing to directly contribute to a continuous and progressive worldwide growth for the accession and promotion of new plant cultivars.

     Pride of Place also recently announced its increased presence on the World Wide Web. In addition to its web site at, created to give homeowners information and resources on new ornamental woody plants, vines and perennial cultivars, Pride of Place and its information on plant offerings from breeders around the world will also be accessible by businesses at

     Visitors can download photos and botanical descriptions or check out the "This Just In" section on new plant products as they are added. Information will include full description of ornamental features, breeders' names and country of origin, anticipated release dates to the home gardener and lists of growers currently testing and/or producing the cultivars.

     For more information, please contact Pride of Place Plants Inc. at (250) 656-7963, or visit their web sites at and