July 22, 2013
Myers Industries Lawn & Garden Group to close Brantford, Ont., plant

Myers Industries' Lawn & Garden Group has announced the second phase of its restructuring, which includes the closure of its Brantford, Ont., plant. Approximately 250 employees will be affected by this action. Myers Industries will retain a customer service presence in Ontario to support the Canadian market and ensure a seamless transition. The Myers Industries' location in Burlington, Ont., will not be closed.

Brantford plant manager John Bielby said , “The decision to close our Brantford operation is in no way a reflection of the efforts of the employees , but a result of the economics we face in our industry.”

Myers Industries is also closing its plant in Waco, Texas. Approximately 75 employees will be affected by this action, some of whom will tansfer to remaining Myers Industries Lawn & Garden Group operations.

Robert Burkhart, Waco plant manager noted, “The Waco team has made progress in its ability to c ompetitively service the market, but has been disadvantaged by its geographic location in relationship to the customers.”

The company says it will make every effort to help its employees affected by the closures.