May 28, 2002
ISA chooses new executive director

The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) recently entered a new era of leadership with the recent appointment of Paul A. Harter as its new executive director for the 14,000-plus-member arboriculture association.

     Harter has worked with ISA since January 1999, and has served as its Interim Executive Director since August 2000.

     “We feel that his combination of business acumen, operations management experience, and down-to-earth demeanor will provide excellent leadership to the staff, and will play a nurturing role with the diverse interests of our members and regional chapters,” states ISA president John Hendricksen, announcing the appointment.

     ISA, the largest arboriculture association in the world represents researchers, educators, com­mercial, municipal, consulting and utility arborists, urban foresters, foresters, landscape architects, and other disciplines that share a passion for trees. The Society currently has 38 chapters, with nearly half of those located outside of the United States. In addition to its international headquarters in Champaign, Illinois, ISA also has a satellite office in London, which primarily serves the Society’s European members.

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