June 5, 2002
Industry News:
LNS celebrates spring at Spring Garden & Patio Show

Landscape Nova Scotia (LNS) gears up for the Annual Spring Garden & Patio Show, April 5 to 8 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Formerly a stand-alone show that promoted gardening and landscaping, the show joined forces with The Ideal Home Show to provide significant public exposure to LNS and its members, as well as promote the industry and the love of gardening as a continuing theme.

     LNS promotes and manages the Garden & Patio show, now in partnership with The Denex Group, owners of The Ideal Home Show. While the garden and patio show held promise, organizers realized that it was not drawing visitors and the income to support its survival, and could better serve both shows if they joined.

     Still somewhat of a separate venture, the Garden & Patio show attracts individual exhibitors. LNS also creates and designs the central focal point of the two-show event — the feature garden display. There is a tremendous amount of energy, volunteer time and donated materials that support the centre display area.

LNS and its membership benefit from this partnership in a number of ways:
  1. Timing for this consumer show is perfect — in April, the public is anxious to see what’s new in landscaping and gardening.
  2. The show provides members with an affordable showcase. LNS rents a portion of the facilities from The Denex Group at reasonable rates, and in turn, sells booth space to the members, providing booth costs at approximately half of the rate charged for The Ideal Home Show. Revenue from exhibit space sales provides LNS with income to promote and manage the association.
  3. LNS gets heightened public awareness with its own display. CNLA and individual members also gain from this heightened awareness.
  4. By partnering with The Denex Group, all pro­motional materials for The Ideal Home Show also promotes LNS.
  5. The Denex Group has high-powered part­nerships with The Golf Association, Sempra Atlantic Gas and the Chronicle Herald. LNS benefits from these partnerships.
  6. The Show Guide provides editorial opportunity to the individual exhibitors.
  7. 34,000+ adults visit the show.

     The Garden & Patio Show provides entrepreneurs with an opportunity to put a public face to the businesses and services supported by the LNS, and offers four days to pay attention to that customer base. Without a doubt, the show offers public exposure for exhibitors and for the association as a whole. LNS is very proud of its accomplishments with the show, which has and continues to grow in success over the years.