April 29, 2013
Be aware of new regulations if importing product with bamboo stakes
All growers importing plant material with bamboo stakes into Canada from the U.S. should be aware of new regulations now being enforced by CFIA. Product that is manufactured from bamboo is exempt and split bamboo stakes are exempt.

Bamboo stakes (imported in bulk or associated with plant material) must be treated with methyl bromide and must be accompanied by a phytosanitary certificate that includes the following information: temperature, dosage, time of treatment/exposure. A copy of the fumigation certificate in lieu of the phyto is not allowed.

If plant shipments are stopped at the border without the appropriate documentation, CFIA advises it might be possible to have the stakes removed to allow entry of the shipment. This alternative would depend on variety of factors including inspection of the plants and stakes, species of associated plant, time of year (ie: emergence of potential pests) etc.

Plants that are refused entry may be detained (pending receipt of an amended phyto) or destroyed.

For more detailed information, refer to D-02-12: Import requirements for non-processed wood and other non-propagative wood products, except solid wood packaging material, from all areas other than the continental United States, available at www.inspection.gc.ca.

Link to CNLA Grower's Update with more information on importing and exporting nursery products associated with bamboo stakes.