July 13, 2011
Haig Seferian honoured by American Society of Landscape Architects

Haig Seferian is one of only two Landscape Architects in Canada to be awarded by The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) to the ASLA Council of Fellows for 2011.

The Fellowship is ASLA's highest honour that acknowledge members' contributions to the landscape architecture profession and the society at large. Selection for highest honours is based on evaluation of individual members' works, leadership, management, knowledge and service. The designation of Fellow recognizes outstanding accomplishments over a sustained period of time.

Fellows must be a member in good standing of the Association and also be recommended to the Council of Fellows by peers and members.

Haig Seferian is recognized by his colleagues who nominated him for the Fellowship. Seferian's portfolio of work over the past 32 years includes participation in government affairs and advocacy groups, providing industry leadership as a teacher and mentor- and exceptional accomplishments, including designing and building millions of dollars of community space projects that benefit, build and strengthen communities throughout North America. Seferian has been specifically acknowledged in the category of Leadership/Management. Bestowing the honour on Seferian took into consideration his service-oriented leadership style and years of demonstrating self-less devotion, passionately promoting the landscape architecture profession rather than himself. Haig Seferian's strong purpose for upholding the value and virtue of the industry has led him to be respected by his peers while he continues to share and inspire others- especially by nurturing mentorships with students who are entering the landscape architecture profession.

The 2011 ASLA class of Fellows will be recognized at the ASLA Annual General Meeting & Expo in San Diego, Calif., Oct. 30 - Nov. 2, 2011.