August 16, 2012
Grasshopper receives pollution prevention award
Demonstrating its commitment to sustainable manufacturing and environmental stewardship, The Grasshopper Company, manufacturer of commercial zero-turn mowing equipment, received a 2012 Pollution Prevention (P2) Award from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) during a ceremony at the 2012 Kansas Environmental Conference in Wichita.

KDHE selected Grasshopper for the company’s implementation of high precision laser technology, the nesting software that runs it, and inspection tools that eliminate variance. These new processes helped the company reduce consumption of raw steel in manufacturing last year by more than 142 tons, while increasing precision and product durability. In addition, Grasshopper’s reuse of scrap metal in other production processes reduced raw material consumption by an additional 168 tons. The P2 Award also acknowledges Grasshopper’s Clean Diesel education campaign, which helps landscape professionals reduce emissions and carbon footprints by promoting sustainable lawn care and use of clean-operating, long-life equipment.

To learn more about Grasshopper’s commitment to sustainable lawn care practices, an in-depth website, white paper study and a Fuel & Emissions Calculator for commercial mowing equipment can be found at Landscape professionals can learn how to reduce fuel consumption, limit emissions and decrease long-term demand on natural resources while increasing revenues and profitability.