2020 Prize Bundle Contest
March 10, 2016

Jan. 7 - 9 Landscape Ontario Congress, Toronto, Ont. www.LOcongress.com

Jan. 8 - 20, MANTS, Baltimore, Md. http://www.mants.com

Jan. 22 - 24, Tropical Plant International Expo, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. www.tpie.org

Feb. 5, Nursery Growers Short Course, Burlington, Ont., www.horttrades.com/nursery-growers-short-course-2020.com

Feb. 12, Grow 20: A Manitoba Nursery Landscape Event, Winnipeg, Man., https://grow.mbnla.com/

Feb. 12-13, GreenTrade Expo Ottawa, Ont.,  https://www.greentrade.ca/GreenTrade-home.html

Feb. 20, Grounds Management Lecture Series, Milton, Ont., www.horttrades.com/grounds-management-lecture-event-2020

Feb. 27, Lighting Conference 2020, Milton, Ont., www.lightingconference.ca

March 2 - 5, Canadian Golf Course Management Conference, Ottawa, Ont., www.golfsupers.com/en/events/cgcmc2016

June 16-19, SIMA Snow and Ice Symposium, Hartford, Ct. https://www.sima.org/show/home

July 5-7, Garden Centres Canada 2020 Summit, Edmonton, Alta.

Aug. 11-13, Independent Garden Center Show, Chicago, Ill. ‚Äčhttps://www.igcshow.com/

Aug. 26-28, Farwest Show, Portland, Ore. https://farwestshow.com/

Sept. 9-11, Summer Summit: All-America Selections, Home Garden Seed Assn. and National Garden Bureau, Vancouver, B.C.