CNLA News: CNLA board changes

By Chris D. Andrews, executive director, Canadian Nursery Landscape Association (CNLA)

The CNLA Board Executive Committee saw the stepping down of key members and the welcoming of new ones, February 10, with changes to the dynamics of the Executive Committee.

Bruce McTavish was presented with a plaque by incoming president Vic Krahn, acknowledging his work in leading and directing the CNLA during the past two years as president. Bruce is now past president where he will continue with the Strategic Planning for CNLA, as well as assuming the Canadian Nursery seat on the North American Plant Protection Organisation (NAPPO) for Henry Heuver, having been in transition with Heuver for the past two years.

McTavish is sole owner of McTavish Consultants and Pacific Plants in White Rock, BC. He has been a CNLA Board member since January 1994.

Vic Krahn is the new CNLA president for the next two years. Krahn has been on the CNLA board since 1987 and has risen through the ranks as Saskatchewan representative and Marketing chair. Krahn has also been actively involved in the Growers Canada Commodity Group and the Western Nursery Growers Group, and representative on the Standards Committee, as well as first and second vice president.
     A partner with his brothers in Lakeshore Tree Farms in Saskatoon, SK since 1977, Krahn has become a prominent individual in Saskatchewan as a political lobbyist for the nursery industry. It is definitely a family affair with his wife Lee operating one of their two garden centres.

John Zaplatynsky of GardenWorks, Burnaby, BC has moved from past president to the chair of the Marketing Committee. For the past two years, Zaplatynsky has been revising the CNLA Constitution and By-Laws, the first revision since the inception of CNTA. This has required review and approval by the Provincial Boards across the country. Final approval of the By-Laws is expected at the summer board meeting. Zaplatynsky joined the CNLA in January, 1993 as chair of Garden Centres Canada.

Harold Deenen, Hank Deenen Landscaping Limited in Scarborough, ON moves to first vice president, next in line for the presidency in 2003.
     He is the chair for Landscape Canada Commodity Group that has recently launched a web site through, providing landscapers across Canada with a unique e-commerce marketing opportunity. He has also acted as Ontario CCHT chair. Deenen has been on the CNLA board since July, 1995 when he represented Ontario and chaired the Landscape Contractors Group.

Gloria Beck resigned from the CNLA Board in 2000. Beck is a partner with her brother Dwayne of Parkland Nurseries Ltd. in Red Deer, AB.
     She joined the CNLA in 1986 as Garden Centres Canada Chair, starting the Garden Centres semi-annual surveys in 1998 and moved through the board as the Alberta representative, secretary/treasurer, second and first vice president and president in 1995/1996. Beck took over the Canadian IGCA seat from Marc Thiebaud and is now the vice president, becoming president at the summer meeting this year.

Michael Haberl Sr., owner/operator of Prestige Landscape Maintenance Ltd in Calgary, AB, becomes the second vice president following his years as the Alberta Representative since January 1996 and Canadian Certified Horticultural Technician (CCHT) chair for the Prairie Region. Chairing the Prairie Region CCHT Committee meant that Haberl had to organize the program for Saskatchewan and Manitoba as well. He was also responsible for developing the CCHT pins for candidates as well as for the judges.

Sandy Roberton is the CNLA secretary/treasurer hailing from Bedford, NS, where he owns and operates Earth-Craft Landscape Ltd. and Integrated Lawn Care Systems. Roberton is the LNS representative, Finance Committee chair and secretary/treasurer. He took on the CCHT National chair until 2000, developing policies and procedures with the Canadian National Committee as well as with the “North American” committee with ALCA, and is also the Atlantic CCHT chair. Roberton has been part of the CNLA Board since February 1995, starting as LNS representative.

Gerry Hutchinson left the CNLA Board in 1999 following his near fatal accident in the fall of 1999. He is the owner/operator of Hutchinson Nursery Sales in Surrey, BC.
     Hutchinson joined the CNLA Board of Directors in 1988 as BC representative. He moved through the Executive Committee becoming first vice president in 1990 and president in 1991/92. During his past presidency, he chaired the CNLA Standards for Nursery Stock Committee, organizing two editions and was very involved as CNLA representative on the National Horticultural Council (NHC) in Ottawa.
     The NHC was a committee of all horticultural sectors, and much of the discussions were around issues and concerns with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, i.e. FSAM funding, NISA, Crop Insurance, etc. We wish Hutch well in his recovery.

     All of the board members above have been dedicated participants of their local provincial association boards over the years and have all been provincial president at one time or another. Their accomplishments at the local levels have brought much to the CNLA Board. Their volunteer time is very much appreciated.