January 17, 2020
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 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES  (Posted Nov. 25, 2020)

Established and successful landscape maintenance company, operating since 1987,with an established clientele and growth potential.
Company offers soft landscape services, some small commercial but mainly residential, and operates from March to November.
The company and most clients are within the City of Ottawa, mainly west end.
Details will be made available for review for any serious buyers.
This is a perfect opportunity for an Ottawa company wishing to expand by creating a new maintenance division, to add new clients to their existing client base, or for someone to take over and continue a successful business.
Training, coaching and introduction to existing client base will be available to new owner(s).

For more information please contact:
 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES  (Posted Oct. 21, 2020)

Owner of a Landscape Maintenance and Snow Removal Service in business for more than 30 has contracted an independent third-party (contact below) to accept offers and discuss the sale of an attractive block of clients which make up a substantial market share in the Burlington, Oakville, Stoney Creek and Hamilton areas. Owner is looking to downsize and enjoy more time with his family and if a fair deal can be made, will divest himself of a number of his major commercial/residential clients. This small portion of his revenue generation totals $305,000 in annual contract revenues, not including any extra work. All contacts will be completed in the strictest of confidence. Interested parties will be required to sign a Non-Compete and Non-disclosure Agreement prior to any discussions taking place. 

Vanessa Stockham

 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES  (Posted Oct. 2, 2020)

Reputable Southern Ontario company in the central Canadian infrastructure marketplace since 1975 with 2019 revenue of $2.8 million CAD.
The company operates from a leased location, owns all of its equipment, and employs seven long-tenured, full-time professionals with access to union workers as needed.
The customer base is composed of a mix of public and private companies, running the spectrum from municipal entities to educational institutions to privately held businesses across many industries. The company prides itself in its record of repeat business due to first-in-class customer service. The ability to always answer yes to customer requests and be where and when they’re needed is paramount and positions this business uniquely.
The company is service focused and will go to great lengths to deliver what the customer needs.
Although the company has not aggressively marketed its services, a substantial opportunity exists to leverage the business platform for growth. Overall, the company’s rich history, premium service, niche focus, and sterling customer list yield robust prospects for future profitability and growth.  
With a proven 45 year history, solid asset base, niche market and experienced team, this easily scalable company offers exciting growth potential.

Full details.

Jason Fielden, TYREE CAPITAL
Mississauga, Ont.