May 8, 2002
BC member recovering after life-threatening car accident

Gerry Hutchinson, owner of Hutchinson Nursery Sales, Surrey, B.C., and member of the British Columbia Landscape and Nursery Association and the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association (CNLA) is on a long road to recovery after being involved in and surviving a horrific car accident a few months ago.

     Landscape Trades, Landscape Ontario and the CNLA are extremely happy to report that since the accident and after surgery to fix internal damage, a stroke, breathing through a tracheotomy, being fed intravenously and numerous other things, Gerry has made a remarkable recovery. Doctors indicate he will have a full recovery.

     Currently residing at the G.F. Strong Rehabilitation Hospital in Vancouver, Gerry is now concentrating on walking again. Having been inactive for so many months, his muscles have atrophied to the point where he must start all over again.

     Anyone who knows Gerry will understand his tenacity in over-achieving his physiotherapy, and that is exactly what he is doing. He is determined to shorten his time in rehabilitation as much as possible, which at the present time is estimated at five to six months. He still has his sense of humour and is in full control of all of his faculties.

     Gerry is very thankful for all the thoughts and prayers offered by the industry, friends and family as it has meant a great deal to him and his family.