AHS, PlantAmerica announce internet venture

The American Horticultural Society (AHS) will work to bring gardening information to the masses through an internet partnership with PlantAmerica.

     To date, AHS and PlantAmerica have formed a content, technology and marketing partnership that will see AHS use the internet to bring gardening information to gardening consumers through PlantAmerica. “Their (PlantAmerica) extensive expertise in working within the green industry, in the areas of content and intepretation, and their ability to reach a broad industry audience via their relationship with AOL/Netscape NetBusiness, is a perfect match for our needs now, and in the future,” says AHS president and CEO Linda Hallman.

     PlantAmerica will finalize partnership arrange­ments with several world-class green industry, technology and media firms, with announcements expected later this year. A partnership with the Associated Landscape Contractors of America was announced this past February.