Words mean things
Robert Kennaley offers advice for snow contractors.

Frugality can cost money
Re-using something makes sense in the landscape industry, but too much frugality can lead to incorrect decisions.

Sometimes we play hurt
Learning to stay positive, even when things don't seem fair, and to make the best out of what life has to offer.

CanWest 2018: Beauty and brains
CanWest 2018 takes place Sept. 26-27 at Tradex in Abbotsford, B.C., is themed “Roots & Blues”.

Uber does snow
Landscaping services enter the Uber business world

Snow pros VS. Halifax
Unique winter challenges inspire advanced strategies

Case study: Criminal charges upheld - Legal matters
Proper safety training and systems protect the welfare of our employees and their families, but investment in safety training and protocols is an investment in a company’s success

New Brunswick PEI update
News and events from Landscape New Brunswick and PEI

When plans change - Designers' notebook
Only the finished project can be perfect; what we do along the way is helping us get there, including revisions during installation.

Industry news
The latest news and happenings in the green industry

Supporting one another - Mentor moment
Rogers calls himself the type of leader that gently guides the ship from the bow, rather than manning the rudder, and every other detail, from the stern.

The value of time management
Smart time management increases productivity, financial success and personal serenity.

Improve your equipment spend
When making equipment decisions, consider both sides of the equation. What it will cost you to invest in equipment... And what’s its costing your revenue not to invest.

Cannabis: Time to worry
New risks are keeping landscape contractors awake at night

Ready or not! Oak wilt comes to Canada
Most susceptible is the red oak family — a key component of urban forests. Municipalities and homeowners will once again be at the brunt of an invasive.

Industry news April 2018
The latest news from the green industry

A mentor remembered
Paul Olsen of Brookdale Treeland Nurseries in Schomberg, Ont., passed away suddenly in March. This column interviews his associates across Canada; everyone contacted appreciated Paul’s leadership, and had a story to tell.

Benchmarking your equipment
Providing a framework of success for owners and managers who lack experience or a strong financial background

A case study: A contractor's blind reliance on contractual terms
Take your clients through the contract page by page to ensure the client has a complete understanding of how the contract work.

Taking risks
Successful people see themselves not as risk takers but as opportunity explorers, prepared to learn from their mistakes

Enhance maintenance programs with conservation strategies

A designer's story
Linda van Vulpen reflects on her career in landscape design

Hand-held marketing
Landscape companies are competing on the mobile ecosystem as online traffic moves briskly to smartphones

Mentor moment March 2018
Jim Mosher of Landscape Plus in Toronto, Ont., is an enthusiastic community supporter, involved in several charities, including the Fight to End Cancer.

The potential lien for maintenance work in Ontario - and beyond
A recent case has opened the door for landscape maintenance contractors in Ontario to argue that their services should be considered lienable.

Hiring better in 2018
Tips on securing the best staff for your growing business.

Distinguish yourself
Recognizing different approaches to successful business.

Improving your fleld labour ratio
The field labour ratio is one of the most important key performance indicators for any landscape company because labour has more impact on profitability than any other cost in your company.

Case study: Where a written change order is required but not obtained
Good risk management under a contract requires contractors and subcontractors to be thinking about the contract throughout the life of a project.

Identifying the best, most profitable jobs
If you want to grow a successful business in this industry, you must be able to identify jobs that make money and those that don't.

Clean up your act
Cleanliness in a retail operation reduces stress, saves time and makes money for your business.

Roadmap to growth
How process mapping can guide your company toward success

Finding the right buyer for your business
Success story as one company transitions to a new owner.

Nature is always in style
Randy Tumber shares his ideas and expertise in native habitat restoration; overall project and site planning; working with natural stone and creating natural-looking water features.

Business plan: More is better
High volume at reasonable prices was Wade's motto, and his savings were often passed on to his customers

Industry news September 2017
The latest news and updates for the green industry

Thoughts on liability and property insurance
When purchasing insurance, it is important to work with your broker to understand what is, and what is not, included in the insurance policy

Benchmarking field labour
The goal of benchmarks is to provide a general framework for success

Why we shop where we shop
Service sells product and good product creates service

Miles of smiles
The faces of garden centre retailing across Canada

Plant stars on display
Touring the California Spring Trials

Work, learn, grow and inspire
Be upfront during the sales process for services and commit only to what you can perform

Industry news August 2017
The latest news and updates for the green industry.

Payment and adjudication legislation comes to Ontario
New legislation could mean quicker payments and a mandatory adjudication process to resolve disputes

Profit strategies for snow
With competition increasing in the snow and ice business, contractors will have to up their game to win.

SICOPs project: research update
Snow and ice control of parking lots, platforms and sidewalks

The spring rounds: Change and staying the same
Customers have higher standards expectations from independent retail garden centres

The right stuff for white
The snow and ice sector faces real challenges in finding and keeping qualified staff

Industry news
The latest news and updates for the green industry.

Canada's provincial trees
Provincial trees; each a living symbol that reflects the history and diverse landscape of it's province.

Panorama Parliament Hill
Parliament Hill is the focus of the largest remediation project in Canadian history and the landscape upgrades are an essential part.

Value is subjective
Value is determined by the willingness of a buyer to pay a certain price, and only that price.

Improving overhead spending
What efficient companies are doing to improve their profits.

Revisiting anti-spam legislation
Summarizing the framework for Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL).

Contractors, designers and the value of a good plan
When executed by experts, landscape designs find solutions to many concerns, including grading, drainage, neighbours, and plants to name just a few.

A case study: Importance of contract terms
The time for planning on contracts is at the outset, when everyone is getting along.

Benchmarking your overhead, part 1 - Management solutions
Financial benchmarks as guidelines for success in green industry companies.

Can we see the future? - Road to success
Future success for garden centres will be those that offer exclusive or hard-to-find products along with a continued good service to their customers.

Cleaner, leaner, greener
Can electric equipment provide the right power at the right cost? Horticulture pros are working to find a balance.

Beautiful landscapes or water conservation
Fusion Landscaping brings together traditional gardens with eco-friendly plants and flowers to help alleviate the stress of water demands on municipal infrastructures.

Doing it all for green(s)
Incorporating eco-friendly elements such as edible landscaping, pollinator plants, green roofs and turf alternatives, makes customers feel better about their investment.

Environmental opportunity adds value - mentor moment
Christine Stenhouse LeVatte offers her views on environmental stewardship.

People, process and portfolio
Lexi Dearborn of Dearborn Designs & Associates.

LT Industry News March 2017

Embracing the common-sense 'culture shift'

Monitor the pulse of your seasonal business

O Canada: To be Canadian

Industry news for January 2017

Implementing change in your landscape company

Good faith and the duty of honesty in contracts

Heroes, everyday people, faith during slow times

Precision nursery irrigation using wireless tensiometers

Plight of the pollinators

Landscape designers tour New Brunswick

Healing gardens, the power of nature

Fighting ignorance with science: lessons for the turf grass profession

How can I make more money with new plants

David and Goliath

First jobs: fresh faces in horticulture

Stepping back to nature

Ten KPIs to ponder at year's end
Mark Bradley outlines 10 key performance indicators to use when analyzing your landscape business.

Keep it simple
Rod MacDonald explains why in sales, like so many aspects of life, "keeping it simple" is a useful mantra.

Mastering cash flow
Nathan Helder shares tips and strategies to ease tight times, and promote smooth landscape company operation

Consequential loss goes to Ottawa Part II
Robert Kennaley examines a significant Supreme Court of Canada case regarding the "own work exclusion" and the extent to which a contractors liability insurance policy should cover what is known as consequential loss.

Legal matters: Revisiting enforceability of notice provisions under a contract
Courts will not hesitate to enforce technical notice requirements, Robert Kennaley writes. Protect yourself and your business by understanding the details and clauses in each contract you sign.

Road to success: Service improves sales
You've heard of ABC (Always Be Closing); try ABB (Always Be Building) - lifelong relationships with customers.

Management Solutions: Controlling unbillable time
Mark Bradley's tips to cut down on wasted time and take your company from good to great.

Small spaces, big opportunities
Urbanization, baby boomer downsizing and the glut of condominium and townhome developments across Canada are alarming trends for the garden centre industry. However, they are also providing new opportunities for retailers willing to embrace this pattern.

Retail details: Garden centres meet challenges for growth
Landscape Trades looks at successful garden centres across Canada for insights on how to grow in the challenging retail environment.

Every trick in the book: Seven case studies on the lighter side of handling complaints
A good sense of humour and a little common sense make dealing with difficult customers a lot easier.

Legal matters - A recent slip-and-fall case: One for contractors
Robert Kennaley looks at a recent slip and fall case which reiterated the principle that, at least in Ontario, neither the occupier nor the contractor he hires is responsible to guarantee against slips-and-falls. Rather, what is required is that a reasonable system be in place to guard against such falls — and that the system be followed.

Research update: Snow and ice control in parking lots
Researchers at the University of Waterloo are undertaking a multi-year study examining snow and ice removal in parking lot applications.

Management solutions: Equipment could be your top snow and ice salesperson
Your equipment has a significant influence on your snow and ice sales. From the types of work, to the number of sites you can complete in a shift, right through to what you are charging, equipment plays a strong hand in the work you win each winter.

Understand the balance Part 2
According to Nathan Helder, balance sheets are all about relationships. Understanding how the asset and liability line items within your business relate to each other is key to guiding your business toward your ultimate goals.

We can prove it
Progressive snow and ice contractors embrace recordkeeping technology — the value is all in the details

Cluster highlights
Canada's nursery grower sector to benefit from research projects.

Year-round pioneers
Contractors creative innovative ways to stretch their season to 365 days a year, keeping a steady cash flow and retaining quality staff.

Scarce-labour solutions
Attracting and retaining skilled workers for the landscaping and horticultural trades.

Unit pricing hurts contactors and contracting
Unit pricing hurts your company's profits by assuming a fixed amount of labour per item.

We need each other
We all have a strong need to share with others, particularly those who have a real understanding of our individual situation.

Consequential loss goes to Ottawa
The Supreme Court of Canada has been asked to consider the line between faulty workmanship and 'resulting' or 'consequential' loss in a CGL (comprehensive general liability) policy.

When to draw the line
Professional landscape designers provide guidance, vision and product knowledge for outdoor spaces, while explaining what is possible, how it is possible and why.

Construction supports maintenance
Heike Stippler, president of Heike Designs in Whistler, B.C., is the mentor for the June 2016 issue of Landscape Trades. Heike Designs provides design, installation and maintenance services.

Management solutions: Five plans for success
Charting plans for your company -- five-year, one-year, work schedule, plans for estimates and daily plans -- guides it toward success and profitability.

Potholes and pitfalls
Rod McDonald draws on his years of experience in garden centre retailing to help others avoid setbacks, and stay on the road to success.

Mentor moment: Trust your instincts, go all in
John Eckhardt of LawnPro Landscapes in Chilliwack, B.C. shares a lesson on controlling expenses to match your company's size.

A case study: Underlying work and contractual clarity

Green jewel on the Gaspe
An interview with Alexander Reford

Selling landscape: The investment angle
Make sure your customers understand how professional landscaping enhances property values

Legal matters column: Unavoidable litigation
Case study: Contractor wins a lawsuit, but loses on the bottom line.

Mentor Kevin Knauss: Positive work culture empowers employees
Kevin Nauss CLP of Price Landscaping Services in Moncton, N.B. gives Landscape Trades readers his take on mentorship. His leadership roles include a board position with the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association, advisory service with the Landscape Horticulturist Red Seal program and governance for the New Brunswick Landscape Horticulture Training Institute.

Management solutions: Horsepower for productivity
Remember, in most circumstances, the cost of inefficiency and lost productivity is far more expensive than the cost of equipment itself. Not only will a good set of equipment improve on-time delivery of your jobs; when managed correctly, equipment will improve the culture, attitude and bottom line of your company.

Judy Sharpton: Spring is now!
In the current retail environment, where mass merchandisers continue to take market share, and enthusiasm for gardening has shifted to edibles, organics and container gardening, letting spring slip up on you (again) could be disastrous.

Sustainable landscaping: Soil shepherding
When customers approach us for landscaping, the first request is "low maintenance." Protecting the soil protects watersheds, helps plant health and even preserves our food security. Learn all about which plants like your soil, and the soil on your customers' properties. Now, go have fun in the garden. Yes, it's a job, but it can still be fun.

Nutri-Lawn presents national awards

Canadian grower shortlisted for international producer award

Still time to register for the Seeley Summit
The Seeley Summits bring a wide range of green industry leaders together annually, to tackle a different challenge facing the industry. This year focuses on water.

Garden Days 2014
Green industry business are encouraged to organize activities or events to celebrate gardening during Garden Days, held June 13-15 this year.

Updated list of regulated pests
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has updated the list of Pests Regulated by Canada

Jacobsen acquires Dixie Chopper
Jacobsen has acquired the assets of Dixie Chopper, a manufacturer of zero-turn radius mowers for the commercial and residential markets.

Martha Stewart to speak at IGC Chicago
In her first ever green industry appearance, Martha Stewart will present the keynote speech at IGC Chicago’s eighth annual event, August 19-21, 2014 at Chicago’s Navy Pier.

JCB provides help in wake of Filipino disaster
Heavy equipment manufacturer JCB is responding to the Filipino typhoon disaster by donating machines and generators to assist in the aftermath of the catastrophe.

Plan and prepare during Snow Safety Week, Oct. 28-31
Back by popular demand, the Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA) presents Snow Safety Week to provide quality information on a variety of safety-related topics

Plant Products announces plans to move
Plant Products Company has announced plans to relocate its Brampton warehouse and office facility to Ancaster, Ont.

Adverse weather has affected this year's peat moss harvest
As of August 31, expected peat moss harvest volumes in Canada are down.

John Deere announces Green Carpet VIP contest
In conjunction with its sponsorship of the John Deere Green Carpet at the 2013 Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA) Awards, John Deere Canada is holding a special Green Carpet VIP Experience contest.

Striking foreign service delays worker visas
Striking foreign service workers are causing significant disruption to the Canadian horticulture industry which requires access to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

Myers Industries to close Brantford plant
Approximately 250 employees will be affected by the closure of Myers Industries' manufacturing plant in Brantford, Ont.

John Deere releases bilingual website for Canadians
John Deere announces bilingual website designed for Canadian customers

Project PRS launched in honour of Smart Irrigation Month
Rain Bird has launched a new initiative aimed at educating and informing professionals and homeowners about the water-saving benefits of pressure-regulating irrigation system components. The initiative, dubbed Project PRS, kicked off on July 1, 2013 as Smart Irrigation Month officially began.

Minter Gardens to close in October
Declining tourism and changing climate puts pressure on 32-acre show garden

Reforms announced for Temporary Foreign Worker Program
The federal government has announced reforms to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). Stemming from the ongoing review of the TFWP, the Government has introduced legislative, regulatory and administrative changes. These changes will impact all users of the TFWP although at this time the exact impact is unclear. According to the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association, it appears that the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP) will remain largely unaffected.

New regulations when importing product with bamboo stakes
All growers importing plant material with bamboo stakes into Canada from the U.S. should be aware of new regulations now being enforced by CFIA.

Asian long-horned beetle eradicated from Canada
Infestation did not spread beyond Ontario.

Present your work at CitiesAlive 2013
Green Roofs for Healthy Cities invites you to submit a paper for presentation at CitiesAlive: 11th Annual Green Roof and Wall Conference in San Francisco, Oct. 23-26, 2013.

Growers can use inventory to access up to $400,000

Deadline for RBC Grower of the Year is Nov. 30
Judging criteria for the RBC Growers of the Year award has been developed to assess nurseries on their merits in each of the categories, regardless of size.

Peat moss harvest improves in 2012
The Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss Association (CSPMA) reports the peat harvest has significantly improved from last year's poor season.

CNLA updates retail certification exam
The Landscape Industry Certified Retail Horticulturist (formerly Certified Horticultural Technician) exam has been updated to reflect the changing nature of retail garden centres.

New national award recognizes excellence among garden retailers
Garden Centres Canada (GCC) has launched a new award to help better recognize the professional work of its retail members.

Grasshopper receives pollution prevention award
Investments in fabrication processes save more than 310 tons of steel annually

Wright Manufacturing makes arrangement with Deere
Wright Manufacturing is pleased to announce a design and manufacturing arrangement with Deere & Company

Changes to EI program announced
The Canadian Nursery Landscape Association (CNLA) has prepared a release, summarizing the impact of the EI program changes to the green trades.

Boxwood blight: customers should be wary of 'free from' claims
The Canadian Nursery Landscape Association reports that some growers of boxwood are claiming to be “free” from C. buxicola or boxwood blight, based on negative test results that have been supplied to growers by their CFIA inspectors.

Regalia Maxx granted Canadian approval
Marrone Bio Innovations recently announced that Health Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency has approved Regalia Maxx biofungicide for outdoor and greenhouse use on a variety of fruits and vegetables, as well as on ornamentals.

3D plugin creates photorealistic renderings
Dynascape Software is the latest company to become an official reseller of the rendering plug-in to Google SketchUp, Shaderlight. The Shaderlight plugin allows landscape designers to add a photorealistic touch to their 3D models for client presentations

Boxwood blight confirmed at Ontario nursery
As a result of CFIA's ongoing detection survey to determine the spread of Cylindrocladium buxicola across Canada, they have confirmed a positive location at one Ontario nursery on March 26, 2012.

Application for nursery product Advance Payments Program online
The 2012 Advance Payments Program applications for Canadian Nursery Products are now available for download at ACC Financial.

Emergency use registrations for boxwood blight
Two fungicides have registrations for use on boxwoods (Buxus spp.): DACONIL 2787 FLOWABLE FUNGICIDE (PCP#15724) and SWITCH 62.5WG FUNGICIDE (PCP#28189) for use in BC, Quebec and Ontario until Dec 31, 2012.

Green industry showcased at Canada Blooms
Canada Blooms will once again delight the senses of thousands hungry for spring. The country's largest flower and garden show runs March 16-25 at Toronto's Direct Energy Centre.

Avoid spreading risk of boxwood blight with new BMPs
The Canadian Nursery Landscape Association has released Boxwood blight best management practices for nursery growers, retailers and landscape contractors to minimize risk of spreading the fungal disease.

Manderley Turf named one of Canada's Best Managed Companies
Manderley Turf Products has been named one of Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies for 2011. This prestigious national award is sponsored by Deloitte, CIBC, National Post, and Queen's School of Business.

Plantsman Henry Kock remembered in new species name
A newly discovered species of lichen from BC's inland rainforest, has been named in honour of the late Henry Kock.

C. buxicola positive find in Canada
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has confirmed a positive find of Cylindrocladium buxicola at a B.C. nursery.

Al's Flower Pouch celebrates 20 years
A.M.A. Plastics Ltd. is celebrating 20 years of success with Al's Flower Pouch—one of the original vertical growing systems.

CFIA hosts consultation on NAPPRA regulations
Implementation of citrus and Asian long-horned beetle regulations will help mitigate the impacts of new US NAPPRA regulations

New horticultural distributor's alliance
Three leading horticultural distributors, Plant Products Co., MGS Horticultural and Terralink Horticulture have formed a Canadian distribution organization called CanHorta Canadian Horticulture Alliance.

New annuals and vegetables for 2012
The National Garden Bureau website now features images and garden descriptions for over 100 new annuals, perennials and vegetables that will show up in garden centres all over North America next spring.

Downy mildew killing impatiens in the landscape
Downy mildew found on impatiens in the landscape. Next year, contractors are advised to plant other shade-loving plants in areas where plants died out.

Eastern peat harvest difficult in 2011
The Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss Association reports that harvest has been very difficult this year in the East.

Landscape Industry Executive Program teaches operational excellence
The Landscape Industry Executive Program (LIEP) is a professional business management program developed specifically for the green industry.

Brown spruce longhorn beetle found in New Brunswick
CFIA has confirmed the presence of the brown spruce longhorn beetle (BSLB) near a campground within the Kouchibouguac National Park in New Brunswick.

New US regulations could have serious impact on Canadian nursery stock exports
Attention growers - a new USDA NAPPRA rule has potential for major impact to Canadian nursery stock exports to the US.

Horticulture tour to India this fall
Due to a few cancellations, John and Kelly Schroeder of Valleybrook Gardens now have room for two more couples on their horticultural tour to India this October.

Haig Seferian honoured by ASLA
Haig Seferian is one of only two Canadian Landscape Architects to be honoured this year by The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA).

Oldcastle Building Products acquires Transpave
Oldcastle Building Products will continue to promote Permacon and Decor brands.

AAFC releases 2009-2010 horticulture data
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada reports ornamental farm cash receipts at $1.9 billion.

Don't miss out on 2010 AgriInvest benefits
Gov't matches funds invested by growers

Canada Blooms and The National Home Show to co-locate in 2012
Running the two events side by side will create the largest home and garden show in North America.

Three leading brands work together
Three growers have joined together to reduce material costs and collaborate on marketing ideas.

Fafard & Frčres acquires major stake in Heveco
Fafard et Frères Ltd has purchased controlling interest in New Brunswick-based peat producer, Heveco Ltd.

Monitoring trees with radio waves
Alberta city uses RFID to track its trees

Green roofs to benefit from native plant research
Study will look at plant diversity and survivability on roof tops.

Nedlaw Living Walls awarded Cape Breton University project
Living wall installed at Centre for Sustainability in Energy and the Environment

Do women or men hold purchasing power?
The long-held notion that women control household spending is under question.

Import restrictions on ALHB and CLHB host plants
The USDA is now regulating the import of all known hosts of Asian longhorn beetle (ALHB) and citrus longhorn beetle.

Swim spa donated to veterans
Veterans receive donation of a swim spa

Colourful ideas for landscape pros
Ball has developed an online magazine to inspire contractors.

Plants denied entry to U.S.
An exporter had a load of plants turned back at the U.S. border.

New venue and dates for Expo 2011
LO's Expo 2011 has new date and location

LANTA establishes new award
Landscape Alberta establishes Mike Haberl Sr. Award

Green roof industry grows
The green roof industry grew by 28.5 per cent in 2010

Dr. Leslie Laking passes away
Director Emeritus of RBG died peacefully on April 16.

Toro broadens renovation line
Toro will begin to distribute aerators, seeders and dethatchers